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Lexmark Managed Print Services for Manufacturing
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Success Story

Columbia Sportswear
Learn how MPS helped this manufacturer reduce output costs by 37%.


See how MPS solved problems for this logistics leader.

Managed Print Services for Manufacturing

A smarter solution for business productivity

In spite of a glut of data, workers still scramble for the specific information they need. Volumes of unstructured paper and digital data remain locked outside business systems. The result is paperwork bottlenecks that slow processes down and create stressful, inefficient work environments.

But a scattered mix of output devices and paper-based processes won’t help. What manufacturers and distributors need is a connected fleet of multifunction products and other smart devices--for bills of lading, shipping lists, labels, and other documents and records. They need efficient workflows that seamlessly capture, process and distribute unstructured information and route it to where it's needed—on demand. And they need expert device and consumables management to help plan and control print metrics, usage, costs and contracts.

Lexmark has been a global MPS leader for more than a dozen years, amassing a wealth of knowledge and best practices specific to manufacturing fleets. As a productivity platform, Lexmark MPS bridges the information gap and connects employees with the data they need, whether they work on the loading dock or in the back office. We also optimize and improve distributed output fleets, giving you the visibility to make better decisions, save time and reduce costs.

Benefits of MPS for Manufacturing

  • Achieve savings of up to 30% through fleet governance and optimization
  • Improve business decisions by having more visibility into shipping document workflow
  • Minimize administrative effort and consumables waste with automated proactive monitoring
  • Optimize workflow with industry-specific solutions like invoice processing and logistics document management
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