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Retail Insights

Stop Retail Thieves with Smart, Data-Driven Decisions

Learn why you need to apply an optimized incident reporting solution to reduce shrink.

Retail Insights

Better Loss Prevention and Incident Reporting Can Prevent Retail Headaches

What to look for when choosing an automated incident reporting system.


Incident Management for Retail

Develop efficient, consistent loss prevention and incident reporting processes and reduce future losses.

Incident Management

Information and insight. Your best allies for risk reduction and loss prevention.

Retail losses come in many forms—and come often. Theft, fraud, vandalism, property or equipment damage, customer and employee injuries and accidents ... managing the incidents and events that occur daily throughout the retail landscape is hard work. We know. We see the sizable investments our customers are making to reduce risk. And we see how they struggle to gather on-the-ground information needed to take action and effectively prevent future losses.

Lexmark Incident Management for Retail is a powerful solution for assembling incident reporting information, visual evidence and essential supporting documentation to support loss prevention and risk mitigation.

Our solution enables retail teams to take swift, informed action to help reduce risk and shrinkage. Gain more control over incident cases and speed up response with reporting information that’s complete, accurate and immediately accessible.

Benefits of Incident Management for Retail:

  • Quickly open an electronic case file from a mobile device, PC or in-store multifunction product (MFP)
  • Store all relevant information in the centralized case file, including the incident forms, customer and employee interviews, and photos or video evidence
  • Support completion of the incident case through automated checklists and workflows, fostering collaboration and ensuring timely reviews and approvals
  • Manage the entire incident case file in context with any existing investigation system, providing single-click access to content for authorized users
  • Discover and analyze connections between relevant pieces of information that are hidden among disparate sources or formats

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