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Standard Security Features and Optional Solutions

Output security requires protection of the device, network, and document use. Lexmark's security functions include, Device Management, Device Hardening, and Device Operation.

Device Management enables network tools to remotely monitor and manage device usage

  • Administrative Access and Passwords
    supports central management of devices through password protection
    allows web traffic to be encrypted, so that remote management via the printer and MFP's web pages can be performed securely
  • SNMPv3
    is a standard network management protocol, and version 3 (SNMPv3) includes extensive security capabilities
  • IP Security (IPSec)
    encrypts and authenticates all network traffic to devices
  • 802.1x Support
    requires device authentication prior to accessing the network

Device hardening secures the device's network interfaces

  • Port Filtering
    allows configuration of network ports on which devices listen for or transmit
  • TCP Connection Filtering
    disallows all TCP connections from other addresses protecting the device against unauthorized access
  • Hard Drive Encryption
    allows all residual data on the hard drive of devices to be encrypted
  • Hard Disk Wiping (MFP only)
    eliminates residual data by overwriting the entire disk
  • Digitally Signed Firmware Updates
    eliminates exposure to malicious software viruses and worms by preventing non-approved firmware on the device

Device Operation ensures appropriate users only use the device and information associated with usage is protected.

  • User Authentication (MFP only)
    authenticates users against the customer's corporate directory via LDAP, LDAP over SSL, Kerberos, or NTLM.
  • Address Book Lookup via LDAP over SSL (MFP only)
    ensures all information exchanged via LDAP, including the user's credentials, names, email addresses, and fax numbers, are encrypted to preserve the confidentiality and privacy of the data
  • Device Lockout
    ensures devices can be locked, so that the user interface is disabled and all incoming print jobs are stored securely on the hard drive until the appropriate PIN is entered

Lexmark provides other secure solutions that can be easily added to a device at any time.

  • Card Reader Technologies
    ensures that only badged employees can access the network through its devices
  • PrintCryption
    allow users to secure print jobs from their PC to a PrintCryption enabled MFP or Network Printer
  • Wireless Technologies
    provides security-minded printing on fast 802.11g wireless networks.

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