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Customer portfolio: Stephanie Arrowood

Stephanie Arrowood, Account Manager

McGregor & Associates

How does the Pro Series enhance my bottom-line? dual tray and SmartSolutions

Stephanie Arrowood Lexmark Prevail

"When I work with this device I feel like it is truly professional," describes Stephanie Arrowood, account manager, McGregor & Associates. "It is the quality of the device that stands out the most to me. It is robust and I haven't had any problems. It doesn't jam up and it's functional for the work I do.

"I love that I can use SmartSolutions to custom-create a button on the touch screen to simplify my daily printing and document-storage tasks. The touch screen also simplifies the all-in-one features for me. It doesn't make me try to sort through 75 options to find what I need; it only presents you with what you need at the time. When you want to copy, you copy and it's done.

"Because we have customer events, it's handy for me to directly download and e-mail photos from the events to our customers. That saves time, which I love. The actual page it prints is also impressive because it produces a crisp, professional document for clients - even on the quick-print setting!

"Speaking of printing, the two paper trays are just ideal for my role. I have one loaded with plain paper and the other with our company letterhead. We send out client reports monthly that must go on letterhead. Before I had to change out the paper in our laser, which just burned time, now I can stay at my desk and crank those reports right out."


Stephanie's Work

From major manufacturing companies to law firms - even a kennel - Stephanie Arrowood's clients are as unique as their needs. Every day Arrowood is on the job at McGregor & Associates she is making those other businesses more efficient, as the third-party administrator for cafeteria plans, 401K pensions and COBRA.

"You've got to be flexible and on top of it," explains Arrowood. "Literally, when I sit down at this desk there is no downtime."

In her role as an account manager, Arrowood oversees 70 to 75 client companies; each client has between five to 500 employees.

"We're a tight-knit team of around 20 in the office," said Arrowood. "Managing that many clients takes focus, and we help each other get the job done.

Arrowood's newest office helper is the 2009 Lexmark Professional Series Platinum.