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Customer portfolio: Vicki Blevins

Vicki Blevins, Program Director

Kentucky Pink Link

How does the Pro Series enhance my bottom line? professional-quality color and photo printing

Vicki Blevins Lexmark Prevail

"I view my AIO as a doorway to our funding," said Vicki Blevins, nonprofit program director. "It helps us open doors by enabling us to present ourselves professionally, with high-quality color documents that detail our work. I run this nonprofit like a business; we are in competition for those grant dollars and must present our story as true professionals.

"Before we had our Lexmark AIO, we couldn't even print color documents. We would have to pay other companies to print our charts and graphs. Now, we are saving time and money by doing this work ourselves. This makes a huge difference to the business.

"The photos we now have the capability to print are excellent. We use these photos to help capture our business story in the presentations we give and in the grant applications we prepare. We can tell 1,000 stories with those pictures; they are the faces of cancer, they are the faces of the people we are here to help."


Vicki's Work

It was a conversation with two friends that turned into a business plan for Vicki Blevins; the three ladies worked their way out of corporate jobs and into SMB ownership, opening a boutique stocked with merchandise designed for women battling breast cancer.

"The fitting room of the boutique is where I really found my calling," explains Blevins. "I became a mini-therapist to these patients; they opened up to me about struggles they faced in fighting cancer that had nothing to do with treatment. Some needed transportation to the hospitals, others - childcare assistance, and some simply couldn't understand all of the insurance forms."

Ten years in, Blevins made the decision to stop selling the products and start giving them away. She sold the boutique and began a nonprofit: Kentucky Pink Link.

"Our mission is to help break down all of the barriers these women face," said Blevins. "When a patient runs into a question about how to logistically manage her cancer treatment, we want to provide the answers for her. We also stay stocked with the custom-wardrobe supplies she will need."

With the help of volunteers and staff, Kentucky Pink Link provides assistance to 58 Kentucky counties. For this nonprofit, the 2009 Lexmark Professional Series Prevail is doing its part, "printing money" in the form of competitive, color grant applications