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Customer portfolio: James Brown

James Brown, Owner

Brown’s Bakery (self-employed)

How does the Pro Series enhance my bottom line? convenient, custom color documents on the fly, touch screen

James Brown Lexmark Prevail

"I've got to be an expert at getting the name of my business out in the community and the Lexmark AIO helps me do this inexpensively," explained James Brown, owner, Brown's Bakery. "I now have the ability to print out a daily menu for customers to take. Say someone buys a cupcake and takes that cupcake back to the office. If a co-worker wants to know where that cupcake came from they will see the menu with my business name and the other goods I offer. In a sense, I now have the customer working for me.

"Another big thing is the convenience of being about to print my marketing material right here at the bakery. My day begins before the sun comes up; when I leave, the last thing I want to do is worry about going to get menus printed. With my Lexmark AIO, there are no worries; I can print everything right at my desk.

"Images really do matter to my business. The first time I saw one of my cakes printed from my AIO I literally said, 'Oh wow! That looks great!' I was immediately impressed. The outstanding quality of the color brought my product to life on paper.

"Because I do stay so busy, I appreciate the easy-to-use touch screen. In fact, my wife and I were both blown away by that when we first got it. It takes guess work out of the process, which is sweet."


Brown's Work

Fresh from culinary school, James Brown knew he wanted his business card to show two titles: pastry chef and small business owner.

"A friend of mine who owned his own bakery told me to just go ahead and do it," remembered Brown. "He told me I was as ready the day I graduated as I would be in 10 years, but I just didn't believe him. When I finally took the plunge 10 years later, I realized he was right."

At Brown's Bakery, that business card Brown once dreamed of could have a few more titles added: plumber, electrician, deliveryman – all depending on the needs of the day.

"As a small business owner you wear many hats," said Brown. "You may start off the day making doughnuts, but that doesn't mean you can stay focused on that. You have to do whatever it takes."

At the bakery, there is one business partner doing its part to help Brown market his business, his 2009 Lexmark Professional Series Platinum.