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Mobile Capture

Transform your mobile devices into powerful productivity tools.

Chances are good that one of the most powerful business tools at your disposal is within easy reach: your mobile device. By combining it with all the mobile phones and tablets within your company, you can use it to increase productivity, improve responsiveness and empower employees—quickly and easily.

Now that 4 out of 5 companies allow employees to use their personal mobile devices on the job, Lexmark Mobile Capture makes it easy to take advantage of this massive computing power. Use it when you’re on the go to collect and retrieve pictures, text and other input—and send all of it directly into your workflows.1

For solutions that are intelligently adapted to your specific workflows, use it with an activated version of Lexmark Solution Composer2 to automate common processes, including:

  • Incident reports
  • Claims processing
  • Mortgage applications
  • Financial transactions
  • Clinical photos
  • Invoice processing
  • Bills of lading
  • HR onboarding
  • Application processing
  • Proof of delivery
  • Travel expenses
  • And many others

By transforming your organization’s manual processes into streamlined solutions, you’ll save valuable time and money that you can redirect into growing your business.

Benefits of Mobile Capture

  • Increases productivity by shifting from manual processes to automated workflows
  • Improves responsiveness by intelligently adapting to market changes
  • Empowers employees by providing the solutions they need to increase customer satisfaction
  1. Compatible with Android 2.2 and higher and Apple iOS 4.3 and higher. The mobile device must have a camera. Performance is dependent upon cellular and local network connection quality and speeds.
  2. Fees apply. Lexmark Solution Composer requires Microsoft Windows.