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Governance and Change Management

Improve the way your organization manages printing.

To significantly improve the way your organization manages documents and information, it’s important to actively manage printing.

That means having a solid framework for measuring progress—and reporting the results—as your organization transitions to a higher-performing environment. This approach helps ensure that your Managed Print Services (MPS) project delivers tangible and sustainable results against your goals.

Another important condition for success is to effectively manage change. This includes managing people’s reactions to change, as well as changing the tools and technology within your organization.

Measuring project effectiveness

To help you implement your goals, Lexmark provides multi-tiered global governance—including the overall transparency needed to ensure project effectiveness. Our approach includes:

Tier 1 – Weekly operations reviews with project team members

Tier 2 – Monthly reviews to analyze performance data and project milestones

Tier 3 – Quarterly executive reviews to assess how well the MPS strategy is meeting expectations and to explore opportunities for improvement change management

Our structured change management approach also helps protect your investment by engaging stakeholders and addressing resistance.

Lexmark professional services consultants are certified in the Prosci® Change Management Toolkit and ADKAR® model, a best-practice framework for attaining and sustaining end-user adoption.

Benefits of Governance and Change Management

  • Delivers valuable management insights through multi-tiered governance and transparency
  • Helps maintain best practices in change management
  • Facilitates the change process for stakeholders

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