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Secure Content Monitor
Lexmark Secure Content Monitor protects you from paper leaks, intentional as well as accidental...

Secure Content Monitor

Stop the unauthorized flow of sensitive information.

Most likely, your company's security team is already aggressively monitoring email and other electronic communications. But what about the hundreds of thousands of documents that are being printed, scanned and faxed to and from your fleet of output devices? This could leave a gaping hole in the security of your most sensitive information.

Lexmark Secure Content Monitor helps reduce the risks and liabilities associated with security breaches of physcial documents. In fact, this single solution can simultaneously monitor and audit the information in millions of documents coming from all of your printers and multifunction devices--to improve the way your enterprise detects, investigates and deters wrongdoing.

Here’s how it works: Lexmark Secure Content Monitor creates a searchable digital image file of every document that passes through your supported Lexmark devices. This includes print jobs that users send from their computers or mobile devices, documents that are scanned or copied, and incoming and outbound faxes.

These digital images are stored with related metadata--such as device, user and location--preparing them for document auditing. Lexmark Secure Content Monitor gives you the option to launch forensic searches based on keywords or phrases (full-text search), document attributes (who, what, when and where the event occurred), and even search text within graphics, illustrtions and photos. And with the proactive Discovery Alerts feature, which continuously searches content as it passes through the system, you're automatically notified if any keyowrds or phrases are found.

With Secure Content Monitor on your watch, you’ll have the information you need to spot leaks effectively along with the peace of mind that comes with establishing a strong defense.

Benefits of Secure Content Monitor

  • Tracks every document that's printed, copied, scanned or faxed through an output device
  • Audits and monitors previously inaccessible information to check for leaks
  • Helps facilitate compliance with government and industry regulations
  • Adds powerful monitoring capabilities to your system at a lower cost

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