Healthcare Forms Management

Collect and apply vital information

Managing healthcare forms is no easy task. Paper-driven processes make it difficult to organise, access and share vital information. Not to mention, manually processing documents causes inconvenience, errors and delays. Lexmark’s Healthcare Forms Management solution can help.

Healthcare Forms Management offers functionality designed specifically to meet the needs of the hospital environment and promote real-time information availability across the enterprise. That means more informed decisions, faster processes and increased patient satisfaction.

From the point of registration through the patient encounter and beyond, Healthcare Forms Management uses e-forms to speed and simplify the capture of patient information, and put it in the hands of those who require it at the point of use. Users can:

  • Streamline patient registration and bedside consents
  • Leverage mobile devices to capture and access information from anywhere, anytime
  • Safeguard private patient information and eliminate unsecured paper duplicates
  • Support compliance with HIPAA and Joint Commission regulations
  • Capture signatures without printing or scanning
  • Incorporate forms-based content in EMR
  • Deliver data to the people who need it using the Forms Management Portal


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