Patient Registration

Improve and accelerate the check-in process

While timely care is your team’s utmost focus, detailed and thorough patient admissions are a critical necessity to maintain an effective intake process.

Lexmark Healthcare’s comprehensive approach to streamlining these procedures reduces redundancies and delays. With patient registration software that captures patient documents at the point of admission and links them to the EMR, we accelerate the delivery of complete information to those who require it to complete their responsibilities – all within the applications they already use every day.

By embracing leading patient registration software and document management solutions to facilitate patient admissions, your staff can:

  • Perform a one-time check-in that improves the patient experience and speeds their access to care
  • Eliminate the financial, environmental and productivity costs associated with management of paper-based forms
  • Minimise errors and strengthen safety through capture and presentation of accurate data
  • Share clinical and administrative information rapidly and securely
  • Review information for returning patients rather than redundantly capturing previously requested data
  • Focus more on patient needs and less on processing paperwork

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