Healthcare Back Office

Achieve greater efficiency with adaptable workflow

Challenged to speed hospital back-office processes and reduce costs? Lexmark Healthcare solutions for document management provide your organisation with an advantage behind the scenes. When you’re steadily expected to achieve more with less, leveraging the right technology to drive content-intensive business processes is a must.

Let Lexmark Healthcare show you how we promote efficiency and productivity in managing high-volume transactional content in the back office. From accounts payable and invoice processing to purchase order matching to inventory management and more, our sophisticated yet easy-to-use document management solutions streamline workflows throughout your hospital’s finance department.

You can apply this same back-office automation strategy to strengthen human resource functions. It can speed and simplify HR processes—recruitment, onboarding, employee management and credentialing—to consistently and securely centralise HR documents.

For organisations like yours that strive to optimise every step of patient care, an efficient back office supported by a powerful document management foundation lets you meet clinical and operational objectives. 

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