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Healthcare organisations like yours recognise the value of clinical automation, but still seek to find better ways to manage the growing volume and variety of patient content that exists inside and outside core healthcare applications.

With Lexmark Healthcare’s industry-leading vendor neutral archive (VNA), you can maximise the value of medical images, photos, videos and documents through effective data management and sharing that span the enterprise. Place the vital information these sources contain in the hands of the healthcare professionals who require them, all at the point of care.

With Lexmark VNA, you can:

  • Image-enable the EMR to improve clinician workflow
  • Consolidate clinical images in a single, vendor-agnostic archive
  • Provide an integrated platform for image management
  • Promote interoperability and transparency of information-sharing across facilities
  • Establish a platform that supports business goals and initiatives

With more than 1,000 sites globally, Lexmark VNA provides standards-based access to patient information regardless of the viewing application. It stores information and allows real-time retrieval while maintaining compliance with privacy and security regulations, ultimately assuring independence from vendor-specific data formats.

The Lexmark VNA is an ideal strategy to complement your core healthcare applications, like your EMR, PACS and clinical applications, in the quest to realise clinical, financial and IT benefits.

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