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With growing customer demands for omnichannel interactions and service, managing communications across your enterprise is becoming increasingly challenging.

Lexmark's solutions for communications management provide you the tools to deliver efficient, effective and personal communications with customers, employees, suppliers and partners to enhance the customer experience and your business relationships. Our solutions improve the agility of your business environment and give you the power to centrally store and track information for ensured compliance, accuracy and speed. Discover how Lexmark helps you improve the customer experience and streamline your processes. 

Kofax Customer Communications Manager

Automate the creation and delivery of both batch and personalized communications for improved efficiency and omnichannel service that delights customers.

Kofax Customer Communications Manager opens up a whole new set of possibilities when it comes to interacting with our customers and partners.

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Kofax Communication Server

Get more out of your communications devices and optimize your environment by uniting your infrastructure and providing a central repositiory for all inbound and outbound communications across your enterprise. 

Overall, the KCS infrastructure processes more than 10 million transactions each year, and with all of this the solution remains stable and offers greater than 99.99% reliability.

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