Featured Security Topic: Printer Hard Disks and Non-Volatile Memory

Steps to take now to protect your confidential data

Printers and MFPs are equipped with internal storage, such as non-volatile memory and hard disks, to store data for fast processing and to enhance their print-on-demand capabilities. Learn more about the standard and advanced security tools Lexmark provides to help you keep your information safe.

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Lexmark Multilayered Security

As the interconnected nature of the hardcopy and digital environment continues to expand, you need effective strategies and strong solutions for managing risk and regulatory compliance. Look to Lexmark for strong, multilayered security features and built-in capabilities to help you better manage and protect your devices, your documents, your information, and your network infrastructure.

Secure Remote Management

Having remote visibility and control lets you manage your output fleet more effectively. Lexmark printers and MFPs include a host of features that make remote device management easy and more secure.

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Secure Network Interfaces

Securing the network interfaces to your devices hardens them against abuse and exposure to malicious attacks, such as viruses and worms. Explore the measures you can take to guard against potential threats.

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Secure Access

You can place your printing and imaging devices behind locked doors, or you can take advantage of the user authentication and access control features that Lexmark offers to help you protect confidential documents .

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Secure Hard Disk Data

Devices that are equipped with hard disk drives should be focal points of your network security plan. Secure the physical device and then protect temporary data and stored documents with advanced encryption and disk wiping tools.

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HOW TO from the experts

Is your printing and imaging environment accelerating your business objectives, or is it a huge cost drain? Do your office workflows actually flow, or are they mired in slow, paper-based processes? Are your devices, your documents and your network as secure as they could be — or need to be? Invite Lexmark Professional Services in. We'll spend the time, do the homework, and go above and beyond to turn liabilities into assets. 

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Featured White Papers

Security and Lexmark Multifunction Products

This document describes the security features and functionality that allow Lexmark MFPs to be deployed, managed and used in a secure manner on your network.

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