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What is Managed Print Services, or MPS? Quite simply, it's a bundle that can save you a bundle. MPS is a mix of software tools, services and custom solutions and strategies that have the power to transform your organization―initially, by improving overall print efficiency and then going beyond to deliver incremental savings and business process improvement.

MPS and the project management skills required to implement it are complex. The most successful outcomes are achieved when the MPS provider demonstrates a clear understanding of your goals and objectives, is willing to conduct a thorough assessment of your output environment and, most importantly, can show a proven track record of success.

With Lexmark as your MPS provider, you can expect straight talk and honest answers. Our first multi-country services engagement was in the late 1990s, which makes us a veteran in the field of MPS. Through the years, we have continued to advance our deep industry expertise, acquire new skills and hone best practices, while building a proprietary MPS toolset and robust infrastructure to support our customers' local, regional, national and global requirements.

Our Consultative MPS Approach

MPS Fundamentals

Lexmark's proven approach begins with assessing that the fundamentals are all in place―an optimized infrastructure, global monitoring and proactive consumables management.

Business Process Optimization

Applying analytics and insight to identify industry-specific workflow solutions advances your goals and extends the value of MPS.

Governance and Change Management

Move your goals forward and keep your people moving toward your goals with strong governing policies and principles and successful change management strategies.

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