Expense Processing

Automate Expense Reporting and Processing with Intelligent Capture

Dramatically decrease the time it takes to submit, review, approve and audit travel and other expenses with the Lexmark Expense Processing Solution. Beginning with just a touch of the e-Task screen on a Lexmark MFP, you can digitally capture receipts, automatically bind them to matching reports in your financial software, and collect extra information to improve accuracy. The solution is deployed on a fast, flexible enterprise content management platform (ECM), enabling you to immediately access your documents and all other types of related content — computer files, faxes, email and more — within the context of the business applications that drive your expense-related routines.

Benefits of Expense Processing

  • Saves paper, postage and time
  • Minimizes lost or “orphaned” expense items
  • Protects documentation in a secure repository
  • Reduces inquiries by providing self-service visibility
  • Enhances control by comparing expenses against receipts
    Simplifies reporting, reconciliation and audit preparation

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Expense Processing Solution Video
Expense Processing Solution Video

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Intelligently capture travel and expense receipts.


Lexmark Expense Processing Solution

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Eliminate the inefficiency of manual document processing.


Distributed Capture

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The benefits of capturing documents in real time, at the point of use.


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