Recruitment & Onboarding

Get New Hire and Onboarding Paperwork Under Control

With the Lexmark Recruitment and Onboarding Solution, you can free your Human Resources staff from time-consuming paperwork and streamline the hiring process, filling positions faster. Beginning with just a touch of the e-Task screen on a Lexmark MFP, you can electronically capture, track, route, manage and share all of the documents related to hiring new employees and getting them on board. The solution automatically notifies all pertinent departments about your new employees, and gives hiring managers and others immediate access to key information. The solution is deployed on a fast, flexible enterprise content management (ECM) platform, which provides secure access to your documents and all other types of content—computer files, faxes, email and more—within the context of the business applications and processes that drive your HR routines

Benefits of Recruitment and Onboarding

  • Speeds the hiring cycle by eliminating manual tasks
  • Enhances communication with hiring managers and applicants
  • Aids compliance by Instantly detect missing information
  • Reduces costs and risks associated with paper documents
  • Protects privacy through security controls and redaction
  • Prevents onboarding delays
  • Reduces misplaced documents

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Recruitment & Onboarding Solution Video
Recruitment & Onboarding Solution Video

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Reduce Paper and Increase Productivity in Human Resources.


Distributed Capture

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The benefits of capturing documents in real time, at the point of use.


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