Nursing Forms On Demand

Nurses and hospital staff want to be caring for patients, not wrestling with paperwork. It's no secret that forms are essential tools in your day-to-day operations. We know that nurses and doctors are inundated with forms. There may be hundreds of forms used in clinical areas with as many as 30 commonly used forms at a nursing station. These forms are created, ordered, distributed, stored, and managed at a costly price to the organization. They may be copied multiple times such that the text begins to become unreadable. It is difficult to ensure that the most recent version of the form is being used and some forms are changed frequently. Our solutions help to eliminate expensive preprinted forms. The result is less time handling paperwork and more time caring for the patient.

Lexmark’s Nursing Forms on Demand Solution helps Healthcare organizations:

  • Realize significant savings as forms are no longer warehoused and obsolescence is eliminated.
  • Improve productivity by having all forms online, enabling nurses and other hospital employees to access, view, and print forms quickly and conveniently.
  • Minimize human error with improved version control as only current forms will be available for capturing and disseminating essential patient information.
  • Provide the ability to auto-fill the form with patient information and barcodes for improved patient safety and archiving purposes.
  • Free up valuable desk, floor, and storage space — as an added bonus!
  • Eliminate costly embossed card system
  • Provide fast ROI / cost savings over preprinted forms

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