Patient Admission and Registration

Scan Admissions Documents and Link Instantly to Patient EMR

Delivering a quality experience for your patients begins when they are admitted to the hospital or registered for outpatient care or services. The Lexmark Patient Admissions/Registration Solution lets you check patients in quickly at the point of service―the admissions desk, a clinical floor or bedside―to improve patient flow. Important patient information is instantly available to your authorized clinical and administrative staff.

High-speed Lexmark multifunction printers and enterprise content management (ECM) technology are combined to quickly generate admissions packets, convert printed documents to secure digital files, and automatically link the files to the patient’s electronic medical record. The solution makes essential information such as medical history, consent to treat forms, insurance status, HIPAA signatures, advance directives, and other documents required for admissions and readmissions, instantly accessible and actionable without photocopying or filing.


  • Higher patient satisfaction with faster check-ins
  • Improves patient care and safety by providing instant access to information
  • Augments the transition to a “less paper” environment
  • Helps hospitals build complete, secure electronic records
  • Keeps a complete audit trail and tracks every document and version.

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Patient Admissions/Registration Solution Video
Patient Admissions/Registration Solution Video
Ensure access to critical reports when network outages occur.

Patient Admissions/Registration Solution Demo
Patient Admissions/Registration Solution Demo
Ensure access to critical reports when network outages occur.


Lexmark Healthcare Admissions Brochure

Lexmark Patient Admissions/RegistrationQuality patient experience starts at admissions.


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