Point of Care Capture

Intelligent Capture for Bedside Forms, Point of Care Documents

Manual record-keeping at the point of care is labor-intensive and prone to errors. Inconsistent procedures for handling documents as well as the inherently busy nature of nursing stations and emergency rooms can result in critical information like consent forms, advance directives and physician progress notes being lost or misplaced.

The Lexmark Point of Care Capture Solution provides an efficient way for unit staff to scan documents in real time from a Lexmark multifunction printer. Documents are automatically routed into workflow for review by Health Information Management (HIM) and linked to the electronic medical record. In minutes―versus days―critically important information is accessible to all authorized staff, helping hospitals deliver high quality, cost-effective care.


  • Enhances patient safety by providing fast access to accurate data.
  • Reduces errors caused by lost, misplaced or misfiled documents.
  • Decreases or eliminates on-site or remote HIM batch scanning.
  • Allows quality assurance checks to be performed at point of care for improved chart accuracy.
  • Elevates physician and nurse satisfaction by enhancing continuity of care. 

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