Invoice Processing for SAP

Invoice Processing for SAP: A solution that pays 

Studies show that it costs between US$7 and US$50 to pay a single invoice using manual processes. The same studies agree that invoice processing automation generally reduces that cost per invoice by 50% to 80%. 

Give your accounts payable department the gift of perfect SAP transaction data

When invoice transactions are created in SAP with correct information, accounts payable processes are efficient…but this is seldom the case. The steps leading up to posting are often fraught with labor-intensive and error-prone manual tasks.

Working inside SAP, ReadSoft’s invoice processing software is the market leading, SAP-certified solution to provide a start-to-finish workflow for automated invoice approval that communicates with SAP master data, the purchase order, and the goods received database – before the invoice is ever posted. Featuring configurable, ready-to-use functionalities, the solution is designed with built-in best practices based on more than a decade of experience in the accounts payable automation field within SAP.

Key features and benefits

  • Automatic posting for straight through SAP invoice processing
  • Personalised, single point of entry for accessing all AP information
  • Automated validation against SAP data
  • Automated posting of incoming invoices
  • Constant visibility of invoice processing status
  • Audit trail of all invoice processes to ensure compliance
  • Seamless connection with SAP systems, using standard SAP user interfaces
  • Reduce AP costs by up to 80%
  • Decrease invoice processing time
  • Eliminate late fees and incorrectly paid invoices
  • Take advantage of supplier discounts for on-time payments
  • Assess cash flow more accurately

Accounts payable automation for SAP: Increased visibility for all parties involved

Automating invoice processing for SAP not only impacts your bottom line through time and labour savings, it sheds light on up-to-the-minute invoice status for suppliers, accounts payable staff and financial departments.

Process change with promising implications for the future

Automated invoice processing builds on the investment you've already made in your SAP system. By reducing the invoice-receipt-to-posting window and providing SAP with validated, complete invoice information, you set the stage for continuous gains in accounts payable efficiency.

Invoice automation in SAP: How it works

This is how other companies use our solutions for invoice process automation inside SAP

Success Story
OSRAM SYLVANIA achieves error-free invoice flow through SAP, thanks to cloud-based supplier portal
OSRAM SYLVANIA, a leader in lighting solutions and services, processes 250,000 invoices annually. Of those, 50,000 are processed electronically. When it came time to upgrade its automated invoice processing application, a supplier invoice portal was a “must have.”
Schneider’s AP productivity rises 300%
Wouldn't it be great if your company could triple productivity in your accounts payable deparment? This success story tells how global energy specialist Schneider Electric managed just that.

Established in 1984, Canal+ is a French premium pay television channel owned by Canal+ Group, the leading pay-TV operator in France with more than 10.5 million customers. In this video, Eric Molouba, IT project manager, speaks about automating their paper based processing.

Orica Australia's Ciaran Mara discusses successfully automating invoice processing with Invoice Processing for SAP.

Fujitsu makes “significant savings” by reducing invoice processing time
Fujitsu Australia’s AP organisation realises savings, efficiencies and full visibility by transforming its manual invoice processing into a streamlined automated process.

Capita cuts reduces invoice processing costs by over 70%
Find out how British business process outsourcing (BPO) company Capita managed to cut more than 70% off the cost of processing an invoice.

DAK Americas uses best practice for AP processing automation to support low-cost business model
On the heels of two acquisitions, a leading PET resin producer turned to a best practice end-to-end AP solution to provide the added efficiencies needed to resume the company’s low-cost competitive advantage.

Learn more about invoice processing for SAP

White paper
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P2P for SAP Report
PayStream Advisors’ 2014 P2P for SAP report explores the landscape of AP and financial applications as seen by users of SAP and other ERPs. Survey results across several industries reveal market trends in the use of AP automation by users of different ERPs, as well as the major pains for SAP users. This report also includes best practises for companies wishing to leverage third-party solutions with their SAP ERP, as well as profiles of leading cloud-based solution providers.

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