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CPT Pilot Plant Anchor Tech

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Boulder, CO USA

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CPT Pilot Plant Anchor Tech

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 This is a second shift position. The CPT second shift hours are currently 2:00PM to 10:30PM with the possiblity of overtime.

  • The CPT Pilot Anchor tech will perform professional engineering and scientific assignments of a basic degree of complexity under limited direction and supervision.
  • Experience with Chemically Processed  Toner (CPT) processes or logically related processes or equipment (such as those involving acid/base chemistry, utilizing reactors in a pilot scale environment, operations involving pumping/mix/process control, chemical manufacturing, etc) is highly desirable.
  • Experience in a manufacturing or manufacturing-type environment (for example: coordination of shift communication, compliance with operating procedures, compliance and monitoring of safety, efficient operations of pilot scale or larger equipment, etc) is required
  • This role will require the candidate to make a strong connection with a three shift team, demonstrate good team communication skills both written and verbal, and a strong work ethic. The ability to master a range of equipments types, including both wet and dry powder processes will be necessary.

Job Role Description:

  • This employee will act as the shift anchor in the CPT Pilot Plant. A shift anchor will, in most cases, work along side a partner contractor. The aspects of this leadership are as follows:
  • Provide shift leadership on the assigned shift for the CPT Pilot Plant in regards to work coordination and execution to the priorites for toner and knowledge delivery as defined by the Area Supervisor, the CPT Team Lead and the Priority Queues.
  • Become skilled in all area operations and provide skilled support for new personnel. This includes aligning with all Site safety standards as well as documentation and training certification standards as established by the H0D2571 Supervisor and CPT PP Team Lead.
  • Keep disciplined and rigorous experimental notes and actively support knowledge capture. Collaborate with Engineering personnel to ensure experimental information is captured as desired, especially when involving special data collection or experimental processes.
  • Each area will likely have contractor partners in their job class. The shift lead should continually assess job skill gaps in less experienced team members and collaborate with the CPT Team lead to remedy these gaps. Pay special attention to safety related knowledge and work habits.
  • Actively help create and model strong 5S disciplines including waste elimination, standards for housekeeping, warehouse and material flow, and standard work. Actively collaborate with the first shift Team Lead, the third shift lead and the H0D2571 Supervisor to ensure full team alignment and standardization.
  • The CPT PP needs to transition to a more ‘manufacturing-like’ operation. This lead is expected to support this transition by:
  • Owning appropriate procedures and maintaining their accuracy. Creation of Standard Work for owned procedures is expected in alignment with the PP team Lead and H0D2571 Supervior.
  • Maintain daily knowledge of the H0D2571 delivery priorities, including adjustment to dynamic schedules. Shift to shift communication is critical to the success of a dynamic delivery schedule. This may include calls to engineering, supervisory or managerial personnel when needed.
  • Proactively communicate to ensure a rigorous shift to shift crossover each day in the area assigned. This communication should include formal check lists during crossover as well as shift log entries.
  • Becoming educated in Lean Manufacturing Disciplines and actively working to implement waste elimination, barrier elimination and efficiency improvements. Team alignment to standards is essential.
  • Drive for an increasing level of cross training across equipment as directed by the H0D2571 Supervisor. This cross training may not be limited to equipment in the immediate lab or pilot plant environment.
  • These efforts should yield visible improvements in delivery capability, communication efficiency and operational safety. Improvements should be purposeful, sustainable and documented.
  • Each shift lead should be knowledgeable regarding their equipment status, safety concerns, maintenance activites, and alignment with changing engineering priorites. These leads should be sufficiently knowledgable about their equipment such that they can make judgements about whether or not it is behaving properly and when they should seek engineering intervention.
  • Each shift lead will have significant latitude in performing his/her job and is expected to recommend and potentially execute  changes to existing procedures and processes. The decisions this contributor makes may have impact on the timeliness and accuracy of critical information and data. As such this team lead must exhibit a proactive, self-initiated work ethic and coordinate effectively with key stakeholders (engineers and techs).
  • Each shift lead will need to be demonstrably team oriented and customer focused and work to ensure that the CPT PP Team meets the quality, quantity and deadline objectives while generating favorable relations with each other, engineering, and technical personnel both inside and outside H0D2571.
  • Each shift lead will support the mission of the Development labs and pilot plants.
  • Deliver toners and data to the CPT engineers, both DE and PE, to support the innovation, invention and process refinement necessary for the delivery of new toners on the aggressive schedules dictated by program and technology deadlines and checkpoints.
  • Work with area engineering personnel to maintain and improve lab operations. Use your experience and knowledge of the process and operations to proactively offer and implement creative solutions for area improvements.
  • Work with the CPT PP tech team to divide the work, both operational and support, equitably among the three shift team members. It is expected that each employee and contractor will keep their training and medical exams up to date.

Other duties as assigned

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