Capture Solutions

Intelligently control content.

Now you can take control of the content that surrounds your organization.

Perceptive Capture from Lexmark collects and secures all documents and data intelligently—extracting, organizing and sharing content with the people, business systems and processes that need it most. From paper files to paperless data, this powerful workflow solution fuels your routines with the right information—quickly and efficiently.

Capture Solutions

AccuRead Automate

Improve capture through image classification, data extraction and conversion with AccuRead apps that run right on your MFP—saving you the expense of a separate document capture server. 

Distributed Intelligent Capture

Discover how you can easily transform the task of manually processing documents into a fast and effective automated process from virtually any location with the Lexmark Distributed Intelligent Capture solution.

Document Distributor

Lexmark Document Distributor delivers documents and data from capture sources across your organization to wherever you need them.

Document Imaging

Lexmark’s document imaging workflow solution uses document imaging and capture to scan documents and capture email and faxes for workflow and retrieval optimization.


Perceptive E-Forms from Lexmark replace paper forms so you can more easily capture electronic data for better business processes and workflow management.

Intelligent Capture

Perceptive Intelligent Capture from Lexmark automatically sorts paper and electronic documents based on their content, extracts information and shares it with your existing systems.

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