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Enable and govern social content collaboration

With modern business processes becoming more informed and collaborative than ever, the growing volumes of videos, images and other rich content is driving organizations to seek tools that would simplify content collaboration for their users without compromising security and overburdening IT.

Perceptive Cloud Share is a lightweight, scalable and intuitive cloud solution that simplifies management and sharing of rich media and other social content in the enterprise.

Capable of storing your content in the cloud or connecting to your existing storage systems, Perceptive Cloud Share does the heavy lifting of managing large rich media files without the additional infrastructure overhead required for storing and moving these files on the premises. Accessible via any standard web browser, Perceptive Cloud Share ensures ubiquitous access for your users, allowing them to share and manage content on their terms.

Built for business

Engineered with business users in mind, Perceptive Cloud Share offers a range of enterprise features:

  • Content sharing: Users can share files and folders with other users, both inside and outside the organization
  • Social curation: Users can group files and follow other users, as well as tag, rate and comment on content
  • Versatility: Support for numerous content types and formats including video, audio, office documents and images
  • Tasks: Content-related tasks enable review, feedback and approval processes
  • Authentication: Built-in user authentication and integration with common authentication protocols enable content security and dynamic user management
  • Analytics: Dashboard functionality with usage metrics and tracking at content and user levels
  • Administration: System administrators have access to manage security, users, content, metadata and elements of the user interface

Video management for the enterprise

Perceptive Cloud Share provides a complete corporate video platform, helping drive user engagement and training, distribute corporate communication, and collaborate with vendors, partners and customers.

Leveraging the robust video management features of Perceptive Media, Perceptive Cloud Share allows users to upload diverse file formats to the application, where they are transcoded, optimized and made available for streaming to a broad range of devices.

Users cannot only upload and share video files from any browser-enabled device, but they can also add custom metadata, search videos and even add bookmarks and comments to specific sections of videos.

Rich functionality coupled with enterprise-grade access control make Perceptive Cloud Share an ideal “Corporate Tube” solution. Its ability to handle additional content types besides video places it above the competition.

Powered by Evolution

Perceptive Cloud Share is built upon the Evolution Core, bringing customers best-of-breed rich content management in the cloud.

Find out more about the features your organization must have to effectively enable and govern social content collaboration.

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