Deployment Options

Deployment and licensing options that fit the way you work.

In the cloud or on-premises. You choose what’s right for you.

When searching for workflow solutions to make your organization run more efficiently, two qualities are important: flexibility and scalability. After all, your business processes never stand still, so why adopt an inflexible solution?

Lexmark workflow solutions are designed to easily scale and intelligently adapt to meet changing needs. Our solutions help drive business growth, build operational efficiency, and deliver greater agility so you can respond quickly to changing market conditions and customer demands.

Flexibility also shapes the way our solutions are delivered. We offer a range of deployment and licensing alternatives to support your unique requirements, maximizing performance and value.

You can deploy and administer your Lexmark solution in a traditional fashion, purchasing licenses up front and installing the software using internal staff, resources and technology. Or maybe you want Lexmark experts to deploy, host and manage the software externally in our secure and reliable data center. Or, perhaps a combination of on-premise and cloud-based solutions would best fit your objective. Whatever path you choose, we can accommodate your needs and help you achieve your goals. 


Your organization licenses Lexmark solution software perpetually, paying up front for the entire package. With the traditional approach, your organization also manages and operates the system and associated infrastructure (such as servers, storage, networks and databases) on your premises. 


Your organization licenses Lexmark solutions perpetually, but we manage and operate the system and associated infrastructure in our secure data center. 

Subscription on-premises

Your organization subscribes to Lexmark solution licenses on a recurring basis (monthly, quarterly or annually). With this approach, your organization manages and operates the system and associated infrastructure on your premises. 

Software as a Service (Cloud)

Your organization accesses the Lexmark solution on a subscription basis (monthly, quarterly or annually), and we manage and operate the system and associated infrastructure in our secure data center. A software as a service (SaaS) solution enables you to maintain focus on your business and customers, not software support and infrastructure. The ability to operationalize all software-related and IT-related expenses—making them measurable and predictable—accelerates your return on investment. 

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