Lexmark is committed to helping you create stronger, lasting relationships with your customers.

That’s not always easy. Customers are sophisticated, connected and empowered. They expect ease-of-use, intuitive self-service and fast response. They demand collaboration, a voice, and visibility into the process. And they want to engage on their terms, on their device—from anywhere and at any time.

Lexmark Enterprise Software transforms the First Mile™ of engagement—the initial information-intensive interactions an individual has with an organization that can often be time consuming, manual an error prone—and makes them simple, fast and error-free.

Whether it’s onboarding a new customer, processing a claim, admitting a patient, processing a transcript or administering benefits—Lexmark automation lowers costs, speeds processing time and increases responsiveness. Customers are happier, and you’ve established a lasting competitive advantage.

Lexmark Enterprise Software creates an essential connection between your systems of engagement (the modern ways customers interact with your organization) and systems of record (the legacy applications that run your businesses). Our unified platform combines capture, mobility, process and content management, collaboration, search and analytics to ensure this connection endures through every step of the First Mile and beyond.

By transforming the First Mile of customer engagement, we’ve helped hundreds of customers grow revenue, reduce costs, enhance service and improve business agility. 

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Capture Information

Automatically extract and perfect information from virtually any source to increase accuracy, accelerate processes, reduce costs and speed responsiveness.

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Orchestrate Processes

Measure and improve processes across the entire organization for straight-line efficiency. Increase productivity for greater collaboration and faster, better decisions through automation.

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Manage Content

Secure and access business content in any format across its entire lifecycle for instant, precise visibility within a business process.

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Transact Digitally

Conduct and complete digital transactions with personalized information and e-signatures through today’s preferred channels for complete end-to-end digital experience.

Complete transactions digitally

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