Complete customer interactions faster and smarter

The limitations of paper, manual workflow and laborious data entry slow key interaction points with customers and keep staff from working efficiently.

Automating, digitizing and personalizing transactions enables more seamless processes, faster response times, greater accuracy and efficiency, plus the agility to provide communications that are tailored to your customers. Lexmark Enterprise Software helps you achieve this with end-to-end digital engagement so you can interact with customers, employees, suppliers and partners via their preferred channels and provide the service they expect.

Customer Communications Management

Automate the creation and delivery of both batch and personalized communications for improved efficiency and omnichannel service that delights customers.

Electronic signatures

Automate and speed the signing process while still getting all the legal authority of ink.

Kofax Communication Server

Get more out of your communications devices and optimize your environment by uniting your infrastructure and providing a central repository for all inbound and outbound communications across your enterprise.

Document composition

Automate the creation and distribution of personalized correspondence like invoices, customer statements and complex reports.

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