Document composition

Automate personalized documentation and get back to serving your customers

Customized correspondence. Personalized documentation. Complex, formatted reports. Some documents just seem to bring everything else in your operation to a halt while you manually and tediously assemble them from existing documents, variable data and information you already have in other systems.

Perceptive Document Composition overcomes the inherent obstacles and inertia of manually assembling and outputting the document types you frequently create—saving the time, effort and expense you thought was an inescapable part of generating both internal and customer-facing output.

Designed for speed, engineered for accuracy

Designed to readily integrate with the enterprise applications and office productivity software you already use, Document Composition reduces the time and effort it takes to create individually personalized documents from standardized templates on demand, while fully supporting high-volume composition processes.

Let Document Composition help you achieve accurate and visually consistent communications, along with compliance to corporate graphics standards and relevant regulations. Give your staff more time to delight customers instead of creating documents.

Comprehensive by design

Document Composition adapts to the unique composition needs of your organization without complicated programming or hard-to-learn user interfaces. Whether you need to print, fax, email or archive system output, Document Composition supports fast and personalized customer-facing communication.

Integrate and automate output

  • Dynamically pull data from multiple enterprise sources to rapidly generate personalized output
  • Use existing data from ERP applications, SQL, DB2, SharePoint, XML,ODBC drivers, ADO.NET and Perceptive Content
  • Enhance ERP applications such as SAP, Siebel, Oracle, SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics with web services to provide advanced and fully embedded document creation functionality
  • Merge batch and online documents

Document creation power

  • Create and edit documents with our integrated, intuitive designer
  • Generate individually personalized documents on demand using templates and text blocks within your familiar Microsoft Word environment
  • Model output using your organization’s data in the integrated data designer
  • Perform batch processing for fully automated high-volume production
  • Organize document types via advanced template management

Comprehensive output choices

  • Support multiple output channels, including print, fax, email and archive
  • Select standard file formats including AFP, PCL, PS, PDF, TIFF
  • Deliver collected data in a single, structured XML file
  • Manage output for post-processing, postage-optimization and barcode/OMR generation
  • Use workflows for generation of documents through different channels and formats

Real-world applications

  • Contract Management
  • Human Services / Government Agencies
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Human Resources
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Healthcare Admissions and Medical Records
  • Higher Education Admissions
Enhance information accessibility, promote organized collaboration and secure content.

Speed the signing process and securely route documents.

Find out how the largest supplier of retirement benefit services in Germany’s Bavaria region realizes a 15% savings each year with Document Composition.

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