Optimize your workflows

Now you can integrate process and content management into the technologies you work with every day, from business applications to information-gathering devices and software platforms.

Perceptive Interact workflow solutions from Lexmark deliver seamless, intuitive and efficient integration capabilities, so you can capture, manage, access and process information more effectively—across your entire IT environment.

Interact Solutions

Application Integration

Use Perceptive Interact integration solutions from Lexmark to enhance your existing enterprise applications. These solutions provide powerful content and process management capabilities to improve how your organization accesses, shares and manages information.

Hardware Integration

Perceptive Interact's easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use integration solutions from Lexmark let you optimize your multifunction peripherals (MFPs), scanners and capture devices.

Platform Integration

Perceptive Interact's dynamic platform integration solutions from Lexmark give you more ways to go with process and content management. You can do more with ERP and other business applications without programming.

Benefits of Perceptive Interact

  • Enhances productivity by integrating content management capabilities with your systems
  • Allows you to gather, share and manage content across your organization
  • Integrates seamlessly with popular technologies, platforms and applications

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