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Despite your best efforts to bring structure to your business processes and content, you haven’t managed to tame all the chaos that remains. Content like paper documents, electronic files, email and images that contain important information you need to make critical decisions. That includes both higher-level operational decision-making and “in the moment” process decisions your staff makes in providing value for your customers every day.

Lexmark’s Perceptive Software process and content management software solutions work hand in hand with your core business applications and systems so you can work faster, smarter and fully informed at every process step across your organization.


Perceptive Capture collects and secures all documents and data intelligently—extracting, organizing and sharing content with people, business systems and processes. Capabilities include document imaging, intelligent data capture and e-forms.

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Perceptive Content provides secure, instant access to your valuable content, regardless of format, through its entire lifecycle. Capabilities include document management, rich media management, records and information management, document composition and electronic signatures.

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Perceptive Process adds structure and agility to process improvement with analysis and design tools. Capabilities include process mining, process modeling, process documentation, case management, workflow and process analytics.

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Perceptive Search helps you pinpoint valuable information inside every document, file and email generated across your organization. Wherever they’re buried—content repositories, email systems, intranets, databases, social media and more—the answers you need are within reach.

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Deployment Options

Customers have an array of deployment options to fit their needs: traditional on-premise, managed, or true cloud.

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Analysts Recognize Perceptive

Perceptive Software has been named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management, 2013 and Enterprise Search, 2014. 

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Perceptive Interact delivers seamless, intuitive and efficient integration capabilities with your existing software and hardware so you can capture, manage, access and process information more effectively across your entire IT environment.

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