Email lifecycle management

Protect and manage business-critical email content

It’s difficult to imagine modern business without email, as organizations increasingly depend on it to collaborate at every level. Unfortunately, email also scatters information across organizations with little control or visibility, and makes it difficult to properly retain and manage important information.

Perceptive Email Lifecycle Management, built on the Saperion ECM platform, lets you easily archive, access and manage email and attachments alongside your existing email application—such as Outlook or Gmail—on any device. It provides critical support for business workflows through reliable email management features and intelligent folder structures.

The result is a solution that effectively handles expanding storage requirements and compliance to regulatory obligations, storing required information in a revision-proof state while purging unnecessary information. And, of course, the ability to quickly and conveniently find the information you need, when you need it.

Email Lifecycle Management introduces productivity and efficiency across your enterprise in three key ways: email archiving, email journaling and email management.

Email archiving

Our advanced archiving technology optimizes workflow through the support of administrative tasks and data security by enabling you to:

  • Reduce loads on the Microsoft Exchange or Domino Notes server to boost performance of the email infrastructure and reduce administrative costs
  • Implement rules that automatically archive email to revision-proof versions that prevent data loss
  • Archive only a single instance of an email to reduce storage requirements
  • Provide access at all times to archived email through the email client you’re already familiar with—such as Outlook, Outlook Web Access or Gmail—and even when offline

Email journaling

Email journaling provides important records of email communications that assist in meeting regulatory requirements, and our technology lets you economically archive all information from the journal in a compliant manner by helping you:

  • Automatically archive all inbound and outbound email correspondence to revision-proof versions
  • Provide convenient e-discovery of archived content including full-text search
  • Log all search queries and set legal holds for compliance purposes
  • Provision email as PST or ZIP export, or for restoration to any mailbox
  • Define retention periods to continually remove unnecessary documents

Email management

Our technology makes it easy to assign email to the appropriate electronic records and processes, managing the entire email lifecycle so you can access information when it’s needed. It lets you:

  • Automatically integrate email into records and processes, making email part of a complete information strategy
  • Manage email based on context, optimizing email-driven business processes
  • Use rules-based retention periods for flexible retention management
Archiving and restoring of e-mails in Microsoft Outlook - easily managed with SAPERION ECM.

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