Video and rich media management

    Draw greater value from video content, audio and more

    Today’s business world requires content in a myriad of formats—including video, audio, images and all manner of rich media content. Better collaboration and communication, both internally and between you and your customers, hinges on providing access to all the right information when it's needed.

    Our Perceptive Media cloud platform helps you realize the full value of your rich media assets by making them easy to ingest in virtually any format. Manage and deliver this content both within your firewalls and outside the walls of your networks.

    Perceptive Media easily integrates with your existing applications to bridge the gaps in your media management infrastructure. Part of the Lexmark enterprise software suite, it delivers a complete view of all relevant information, whatever the source or format, within the context of the application, process or device you have at hand.

    • Manage. Realize your ideal media workflow across multiple properties
    • Publish. Connect business rules to control how and when content is published
    • Syndicate. Publish, syndicate and control access to content
    • Analyze. Measure campaigns and optimize content with comprehensive and customizable analytics

    Integration technology

    Perceptive Media is designed with ease of integration in mind, ensuring that it will work with your current and future websites, Content Management Systems (CMSs), Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), video and media players, encoding and transcoding solutions and analytics and advertising applications.

    We offer an API-based integration to give developers programmatic-level control over integrating video and rich media into your environment. At the heart of Perceptive Media is a flexible, dynamic core built for automating complex workflows. The core is completely API-based, allowing programmers to control what happens, when, and according to what rules.

    The API layer serves as a powerful foundation that enables programmatic access to media feeds, reporting, metadata, search and more. Additionally, integration modules can be built directly on top of the API, providing a convenient translation layer for programmers familiar with a specific language or framework.

    Cloud-based storage, capture, and management of video content in the Perceptive Content client interface.

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