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Mine, analyze and take immediate action on critical content

With Perceptive Workgroup Search, you can pinpoint information inside any email, file or document that might exist across your organization without having to install our software on your servers. So you’re able to find the precise answers you’re looking for, and then take immediate action—whether that’s examining the relationships and connections between pieces of content, flagging information and packaging results for others, or performing another content-mining task.

Workgroup Search is designed for collaborative teams that rely on a secure, controlled network of desktops and shared repositories to conduct investigative, legal, eDiscovery and other sensitive, knowledge-based activities. By leveraging our platform, Workgroup Search offers the advanced features you need to quickly access, analyze and put vital information to use.

  • Reduce the costs of finding and analyzing content
  • Boost staff performance and productivity
  • Improve decision making using precise information
  • Mitigate business, legal, compliance and security risks
Find out more about mining, analyzing and taking immediate action on critical content that exists across your organization.

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