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Kofax smart process applications are critical in managing today's automated processes, improving productivity and servicing customers efficiently. According to Forrester Research, smart process applications (SPAs) are a new category of software designed to support business activities that are people intensive, highly variable, loosely structured and subject to frequent change. For more information on SPAs read the Forrester Wave: Smart Process Applications Fill a Big Business Gap.

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Kofax TotalAgility

Leverage the world's first unified smart process application development and deployment platform

Kofax Claims Agility

Optimize health and injury claims operations through best practice medical claims automation

Kofax Mortgage Agility

Simplify the mortgage origination process to close more loans faster–and with greater efficiency

Kofax MarkView for AP 

Automate invoice processing, streamline approval cycles and significantly reduce AP processing costs

Kofax MarkView Advisor

Gain visibility and control over all core financial functions

Kofax SupplierExpress

Reduce costs for suppliers and buyers through a self-service AP portal

Kofax Optitrade

Maximize trading efficiency and streamline financial and regulatory processes

Kofax Onboarding Agility

Dramatically Reduce the Time and Complexity of Onboarding New Customers 

Transform and Simplify Customer Interactions

With five main components, smart process applications support collaborative business processes that are people and information intensive, highly variable & unpredictable, loosely structured and subject to change.

Kofax SPAs dramatically transform and simplify the business critical First Mile™ of real time, information intensive customer interactions.

Organizations can significantly increase their responsiveness to customers, provide a higher level of service, gain competitive advantage and better manage and grow their businesses while also greatly reducing operating costs by utilizing Kofax Smart Process Applications.