New Account Automation

Accelerate new account openings to improve your customer's experience

Get retail and commercial customers off to a great start with a new account opening process that helps you organize documentation, minimize manual tasks and enhance compliance.

New Account Automation lets you electronically capture customer identification documents from virtually any input device, including MFPs and scanners, classify them and forward for processing. If information is missing, notifications are sent to the appropriate staff. When documentation is complete, the new account packet is automatically routed for further processing.

Tracking and audit trails help prove compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC), the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and other regulations. And with easy-to-use workflow, process owners can quickly modify tasks to comply as regulations change.

New Account Automation simplifies new customer onboarding and lowers processing and overhead expenses. Here’s how:

  • Electronic capture reduces courier costs, paper files and manual tasks, so branch personnel spend more time on revenue-generating activities
  • New accounts are opened more quickly, improving the customer experience and accelerating revenue generation
  • Processing center productivity increases because personnel deal with fewer exceptions and can focus on verifying accounts have been set up correctly
  • Centralized customer files and workflow documentation improve compliance and speed up response to audits

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