Invoice Processing

Reduce manual work and errors, gain control of your accounts payable (AP) cycle

Regardless of how invoices come into your organization—on paper or any electronic form—Lexmark software to automate invoice processing lets you easily capture key data, route invoices into workflow when required and access any document at any time. And it’s all done with seamless integration with your existing business applications.

Our software for invoice processing automation reduces costs and boosts productivity in AP by automatically collecting data from invoices and other sources to validate totals, assign GL codes and much more. This high level of automation is achieved by incorporating features such as electronic forms and the advanced capabilities of our intelligent capture technology.

Key features and benefits

  • Receive and process all invoices, regardless of source, format or location
  • Organize invoices and e-invoices from all sources in one place for timely processing and instant retrieval
  • Improve AP workflow, for any  approach—centralized, decentralized or shared services
  • Implement AP automation by extracting information from invoices and eliminate time-consuming data entry
  • Synchronize documents and data with ERP and financial applications
  • Streamline matching, approval and payment to reduce manual steps and errors
Invoice Processing
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