Invoice Processing

Automated invoice processing: Less fuss, more action

Trade in late payments, lost invoices and a lack of visibility over manual invoice processing for an invoice automation solution that improves your internal processes and relations with suppliers.

How to process and pay every invoice on time

Lexmark invoice processing software automates the scanning, interpreting and filing of invoice data. No matter how invoices enter your organization – on paper or in any electronic format – the software intelligently extracts the important information and validates it according to a pre-defined set of rules. To simplify set-up, Lexmark offers country-specific profiles, programmed with region-specific criteria, such as VAT rates, date formats and currency characters. It’s an easy-to-install, out-of-the-box invoice processing solution that’s still adaptable to your business's invoice management requirements.

Get the top arguments in a handy list:

10 Compelling Reasons to Automate Accounts Payable
Many companies suffer through manual accounts payable processing even though proven process automation has been available for more than a decade. Here are ten great reasons to automate.

Key features and benefits

  • Accurate invoice processing in less time and with fewer human resources
  • No invoices lost or paid twice
  • Eligibility for early-payment discounts from suppliers
  • 24/7 visibility of invoice status
  • Self-learning capture technology that continually increases recognition capabilities
  • Timely and accurate financial reports
  • Seamless workflow integration with SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Microsoft Dynamics AX and with other ERP systems through partners
  • Proven invoice process automation solution based on best practices gathered from years of experience in accounts payable (AP) automation

Vendor invoice processing can start anytime … even during lunch

Whether arriving via mail, fax or email attachment, and regardless of design, incoming invoices can be routed for approval within minutes. The software handles the data entry and validation so AP staff only needs to get involved for issue resolution.

No invoice is too complex to be paid on time

Invoice automation jumpstarts the purchase-to-pay cycle. Instead of dealing with overwhelming amounts of paper and electronic files from various sources, your accounts payable staff handles only the most important part: the information.

Here's how it works

Learn more about automated invoice processing 

How Accounts Payable Process Automation Works
Accounts payable process automation enables faster processing, a lower headcount, more timely and accurate information and, most importantly, a positive impact on your bottom line.
2014 AP Automation Study
What are the top technology priorities and obstacles for the coming year for AP professionals? Discover the answers to that and other questions related to AP departments in this 2014 study by The Institute of Financial Operations.

Automating Purchase to Pay: Faster, better, cheaper
Automating the entire purchase-to-pay process delivers significantly greater savings in time, costs and resources than automating single parts of the process.

PayStream Advisors: Invoice and Workflow Automation
PayStream Advisors’ 2013 survey data shows that survey respondents ranked electronic invoicing via portal or network (31 percent) and automated workflow (25 percent) as their top AP automation goals for the coming year. This report presents the latest adoption statistics, current thinking, best practices, strategies, and KPIs for evaluating and selecting an imaging and workflow solution to meet your needs.

This is how other companies use our automation solutions  

Success Story
Frozen food pioneer innovates its AP processing (Rich Products)
American frozen food leader Rich Products managed to reduce its invoice processing cycle by 50%.
Time Warner Cable strived to process invoices swiftly and cost-effectively to streamline operations and ensure timely customer service. By automating its invoice process with OCR data capture and workflow technology, the cable giant was able to increase its invoice volume by 40% without additional staff. Larry Wilson, Senior Accounts Payable Manager at Time Warner Cable, shares the company's automation story and the investment's impact on the company's continued growth and success.

Invoice cycle cut from 32 days to seven at TransMontaigne
The oil and refinery company launched a project to cut invoice processing times and costs, and improve visibility–with remarkable results.

“Fast and significant ROI” with invoice processing project (MicroWarehouse)
An invoice processing project helped UK wholesale distributor MicroWarehouse achieve a "fast and significant return-on-investment."

Major packaging company quadruples productivity (Smurfit Kappa)
Quadrupled invoice processing productivity! That is what global paper and packaging manufacturer Smurfit Kappa achieved.

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