Sustainable, proven, reliable and fast

Comprehensive document process automation is now a piece of cake

Achieve sustainable and proven efficiency improvements at a lower total cost of ownership. Enjoy end-to-end document processing and profit from more control across your processes.

Experience Lexmark large-scale document process automation

If you’re a large corporation or shared service center, the platform can fully manage all your inbound documents. For scan or process service providers, it serves as a central production platform across all processes.

Highly complex business processes are defined, automated, handled and monitored – no matter how diverse or how many!

Typical use scenarios

  • End-to-end production platform for Business Process Outsourcing and Shared Service Centers
  • Input management solution for central and distributed scan solutions, email and fax in-boxes, as well as digital media and Web services
  • Mailroom automation solutions, e.g. for banking and insurance
  • Expert solutions for the automated processing of invoices, orders and address changes, etc.
  • Integration platform and basis for individual solutions by Lexmark partners and customers

A scalable, flexible, high-performance integration platform

The Lexmark global integration platform enables the digitization of your entire corporate information flow – regardless of the number of information channels, existing user applications, or input volume. Automatically capture, classify, validate and extract incoming information and allocate it to the right person or downstream system. With real-time monitoring and tracking, you have total control at your fingertips.

One platform for all processes

Modularity and the open architecture enable management and automation of any kind and number of business processes.

Easy handling of complex processes

Drag-and-drop management of clients and processes without any programming saves time and money.

Your needs define the functionality

Different capture technologies are easily combined for different functionalities, achieving the highest possible automation rates.

One uniform user interface

A single, easy-to-use verification interface for all kinds of documents, regardless of the software deployed.

At-a-glance monitoring

Real-time tracking of all current processes, across all clients, along with comprehensive control and analysis tools.

Pay only for what you need

License costs are based solely on page volume, regardless of the number of clients, servers or services used.

Unlimited use possibilities

Use a single platform to set up any combination of central and distributed corporate information flow, digital mailroom, simple forms processing, archiving, and custom solutions.

Extensive experience in large-scale automation

Lexmark delivers world-leading large-scale document process automation solutions for customers such as Siemens, DuPont, Kraft, IBM, Techniker Krankenkasse, and Debeka. Our solutions cater to sectors such as retail, health care, banking and insurance and automate a range of processes from Human Resources to Finance and Accounting.

Stay flexible

Modularity and the open architecture enable management and automation of any kind and number of business processes. So you can adapt quickly to changing market demands and peak loads, and easily integrate new technologies, communication channels and services.

Leverage existing investments

The open architecture as well as the standard data model and parameters ensure seamless integration of existing software and enable you to combine different solutions for different functionalities. 

Easily adapt to changing market demands

Drag-and-drop management of customers and processes without any programming means that you can set up new processes or adapt existing ones with minimal effort, staying one step ahead of the competition.

Rely on failsafe operation

Because smooth and secure production is an absolute must for both you and your customers, Lexmark makes reliability a top priority. The platform ensures failsafe operation, offering load-balancing capabilities and security maintenance while providing high performance. 

Trust in proven success

One of our service bureau clients runs more than 1,200 processes on one central platform, processing up to one million pages each day. A large German health insurer was able to reduce document processing times from as much as 30 days to just one day thanks to Lexmark document process automation. 

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