Employee Separation Process (Offboarding)

Perceptive Software solutions for offboarding help you manage documentation for employee termination to ensure a smooth process. Workflow features allow you to automatically set a termination checklist into action for all necessary departments, speeding up the employee termination process.

With easy-to-use document management, employee information can be managed from a central location and shared with other departments, so they can instantly view and update only the information they need to see.

Perceptive HR solutions for offboarding and the employee termination process allow you to:

  • Centralize and secure employee information with termination checklists that allow appropriate personnel to view and submit data
  • Automatically notify payroll, benefits and IT of pending separation tasks
  • Track the employee termination process from beginning to end by maintaining visibility of information and workflow progress
  • Secure employee data by redacting sensitive information and blocking access to confidential documents
  • Expedite the employee termination process by routing documentation and related information to multiple contacts simultaneously

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Discover how Perceptive HR solutions help your HR staff efficiently track documents and complete the long list of tasks required for employee termination.

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