Patient Financial Services

EOB and EDI 835 processing

While the delivery of top-quality patient care involves many challenges, a unique set of trials occupies the business office as well. To manage the revenue cycle – including addressing EOB and edi 835 processing – your organization strives to drive out the errors and delays commonly associated with processing vast volumes of paperwork, seeking to streamline information access.

Our solution supports health organizations of all sizes in mastering these business office obstacles. They empower your back office staff to leverage a single information source to manage patient-focused processes and content from the point of admission through to payment collection.

From paper EOBs to EDI 835 streams to coding reports, use Lexmark Healthcare solutions to give revenue cycle management teams the information they need to do their jobs efficiently and well. Teams can digitize paper EOBs via scanning and connect pages to patient records in billing systems. They can capture and parse multi-patient EDI 835 streams automatically.

The outcome: an accelerated revenue cycle that reduces cash-posting delays and enables faster business decisions. 

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