Health Information Management

Improve access to patient information

Information that is incomplete, inaccessible or incomprehensible is information your health information management professionals can’t use to make the best possible decisions. Lexmark Process Intelligence and Analytics optimizes and aligns back office and clinical data to improve operations, care quality and competitiveness.

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Lexmark solutions for process-aware analytics and business intelligence enable hospitals and healthcare systems to unlock data captured in multiple applications and transform it into useful, relevant information.

Lexmark offers powerful capabilities for advanced business intelligence, shared risk management, utilization and care coordination. It also provides advanced analytics for HIM records, lab management, revenue cycle management, claims processing and purchasing. With Lexmark solutions, organizations can identify critical issues, trends, and opportunities to improve care, reduce costs and make better decisions.

Our HIM software unites email, speech files, videos and more, creating a comprehensive record that enables rapid and informed decision-making while upholding legal and regulatory requirements.

With Lexmark’s powerful Process Intelligence and Analytics capabilities, HIM professionals have the power to:

Access Critical Information Quickly and Easily

Lexmark provides visualizations and analysis of both back office and clinical operations to make timely, fact-based decisions. Lexmark’s advanced HCM solutions make it possible to:

  • Apply role-based access controls to optimize security and compliance
  • Safeguard confidential patient charts in secure electronic repository
  • Leverage bar-coding technology to medical records scanning and sharing
  • Streamline release of information requests
  • Manage and maintain records from creation through final disposition
  • Simplify chart deficiency tracking advanced document management features
  • Enhance remote coding with anywhere document retrieval

Drive Growth and Competitiveness

Identify, implement and monitor operational process efficiencies to leverage capacity and capabilities, driving down operating costs and ensuring market competitiveness.

Evaluate Operations and Diagnose Problems

With intuitive graphical dashboards, users can quickly examine, filter and otherwise investigate operational data to discover bottlenecks and diagnose problems.

Empower Employees

Enable care providers and operations personnel to visualize their part in operational strategies and to provide the metrics they need to measure their success.

Promote Collaboration and Access

By providing access to operational dashboards, medical, ancillary and administrative staff can share information with peers via a variety of collaboration features to improve performance and reduce costs.

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