Lexmark Healthcare PACSGEAR connectivity solutions make it easy to capture, integrate, and share vital documents and media with your team. Our innovative technologies enable you to access data, film, video, visible light, and other media across any department and from any EHR/PACS.

Healthcare organizations rely on complete views of their patients' information to enable more informed decisions. Connecting all documents and images to the EHR/PACS eliminates information silos and enhances patient outcomes, boosts clinical productivity, and accelerates business growth. Access to this information when and where it’s needed is vital.

Lexmark Healthcare delivers PACSGEAR connectivity solutions that enable you to quickly and easily share information from any department to any EHR/PACS. Healthcare personnel in specialties such as radiology, cardiology, gastroenterology, dermatology, orthopedics and pathology can connect, view and share images and results to enable health information exchange.

With our PACSGEAR connectivity solutions your team can:

  • Capture, view and share medical images and results across the enterprise
  • Easily scan documents and create electronic forms from any department to any EHR/PACS
  • Quickly import and localize images (JPEG/AVI/MPEG) and DICOM CDs/DVDs
  • Connect images and video across OR/Surgery, speech pathology, wound care, dermatology, ED and more
  • Record DICOM compatible media for importing into PACS, referral or legal purposes or patient copy
  • Provide order and worklist information for non-scheduled departments
Image acquisition and management across departments and the enterprise.

Medical Video Capture

MDR Video - Touch for consistent video management

MDR Video lets you capture videos and images from visible light modalities and easily associate them with the correct patient record. It's an ideal solution for c-arms, speech pathology, x-ray fluorography, angiography, ultrasound, endoscopy, and vascular imaging systems. MDR Video - Touch uses industry standards such as DICOM, XDS and HL7 to connect images to a PACS, VNA, XDS repository or EHR.  

  • Supports reviewing and editing at the point of care
  • Includes integrated touch screen
  • Last cine hold/playback with frame-by-frame review
  • Lights-out management
  • Multiple video inputs
  • Supports modality worklist or onscreen keyboard for patient data entry
Key features and specifications of MDR Video - Touch.
See additional product features and specifications for MDR - PS.



ScopeCap lets you capture and send still images from non-DICOM scopes, cameras and other video devices to PACS/EHR. Now, image-intensive departments such as radiology, cardiology, gastroenterology, dermatology, orthopedics and pathology have an affordable solution for visible light images. Its simple user interface lets anyone capture and annotate images. ScopeCap digitally records images that were previously documented on thermal paper, videotape and photographic film.


  • Affordable solution for connecting GI and surgical scopes, plus other video devices, directly to any PACS
  • Quickly captures still images using a foot pedal or scope trigger
  • Validated against a wide variety of analog devices and non-DICOM modalities



DICOM Box is a universal DICOM interface to connect virtually any video imaging system to PACS/EHR—an ideal solution to create flexible and scalable DICOM and DICOM print networks. Validated with over 1,000 modalities, DICOM Box captures single frame images or last image hold with a maximum resolution of 2048 x 1024.


  • Captures high-resolution streaming video
  • Sends DICOM images to PACS in background, improving modality workflow
  • Records DICOM compatible media for importing into PACS, referral or legal purposes, or patient copy
See additional product technical specifications.

Video and Image Enablement Workflow for Epic

Capture, manage and view specialty content across the enterprise

Video and Image Enablement Workflow for Epic brings together industry-leading, standards-based technology for image capture, management and viewing into a cost effective and simple to implement solution. It is a pre-configured bundle, based on the Specialty Clinical Image Management solution, created to allow Epic clients to start small and then grow to support the enterprise imaging of the entire organization over time.  

With Video and Image Enablement Workflow, specialty departments across the HDO can capture any image format, including video, into a centrally managed clinical archive and deliver it to clinicians through the enterprise viewer within Epic.

Give clinicians access to specialty department images and videos from within the Epic EHR.

Connect DICOM to the EHR

Centralize the management of content from DICOM devices 

EHR Gateway provides a simple and cost effective solution that enables departments across the healthcare deliver organization (HDO) to integrate DICOM content with the EHR. This easy to implement solution captures images from multiple DICOM devices, converts them to a native format and makes them available for ingestion by the EHR.

  • Centralizes the acquisition and management of content from DICOM devices not managed by PACS or VNA
  • Improves information visibility by providing DICOM images within the EHR
  • Helps HDOs meet legal and compliance requirements through improved process consistency
  • Lowers EHR interface costs by aggregating content from multiple DICOM devices into a single interface to the EHR
Connect DICOM images, not managed by PACS or VNA, to your EHR.

Mobile Capture

PACS Scan Mobile securely captures images and video from mobile devices

With PACS Scan Mobile, your organization can streamline the capture of vital patient images and video. This product leverages the mobile devices you have on hand to route content into your core systems from anywhere, any time. PACS Scan Mobile reduces delays, improves accessibility and speeds the sharing of patient content for more informed decisions and enhanced quality of care.

  • Receive, encrypt and send images and videos to your PACS, VNA and/or EHR, all from a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device in record time
  • Look up and select patient demographics quickly from worklist, eliminating time-consuming manual processes
  • Securely capture and route images and video without saving any data to the device or camera roll
  • Edit and annotate captured images from the point of capture
  • Customize and adapt study descriptions based on a department’s needs or preferences
Capture and send video, photos and images to the PACS or VNA using a smart device.

Automate Numeric Dictation

ModLink transfers report measurements to a voice recognition system

ModLink is a software solution that uses DICOM Structured Report (SR), XML or HL7 measurement data from modalities such as ultrasound, DEXA, and CT. Reports are auto-populated using voice recognition, saving valuable radiologist dictation time and reducing potential human error.

  • Auto-populate measurements into a voice recognition system
  • Eliminate time-consuming dictation and reduce reporting errors
  • Support multiple vendors/modalities
Learn how they reduced radiologist reading times by 19% - 28% and eliminated reporting errors with ModLink.
Save radiologists time and eliminate reporting errors with ModLink. Automates the transfer of report measurements to a voice recognition system.

Clinical Document Scanning

PACS Scan creates and imports electronic forms

PACS Scan lets you view screening forms, dose information, clinical images, patient studies, and other important documents at the point of care. Electronically import JPEG/AVI/MPEG files and DICOM CDs/DVDs from any department to any EHR, PACS, or VNA. Eliminate paper, improve workflow, and provide easy access to important clinical documentation.

  • Quickly import and localize images (JPEG/AVI/MPEG) and DICOM CDs/DVDs
  • Compatible with over 25 PACS solutions
  • Support in Chinese (Simplified), Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish and Swedish
  • Includes additional features to import and localize DICOM CDs/DVDs from a wide range of PACS vendors.
Discover how you can eliminate paper, improve workflow and provide access to important clinical documentation,

Web-based Content Capture

PACS Scan Web supports zero-footprint capture

PACS Scan Web accomplishes document and multimedia capture via a web page with no required software installation. With the zero-footprint PACS Scan Web, you can import images and DICOM CDs from anywhere with a server connection. Capture is no longer limited to a dedicated workstation.

With PACS Scan Web you can easily import image files like DICOM, pdf, jpg and mp4 videos from any department and send them to any VNA, PACS or EHR. Improve workflow and provide access to important clinical images and videos, such as dermatology photos, ophthalmology scans, patient submitted photos or clinical notes  

Industry leading document and multimedia connectivity software:

  • Easily import images and videos from any department to any PACS/EHR
  • Capture patient content from anywhere with a server connection
  • Web-based for simplified administration   
Discover the freedom of web-based capture. No dedicated workstations required.


Media Writer offers scalable DICOM CD/DVD burning

Media Writer is a low maintenance, cost-effective and intuitive solution for outlying departments, hospitals, and imaging facilities. It delivers scalable, affordable, and reliable DICOM CD or DVD burning wherever images are created. From the desktop to the film room, Media Writer meets all of your image distribution needs. Now, image-intensive departments such as radiology, cardiology, gastroenterology, dermatology, orthopedics, and pathology have a distribution system that is easy to configure, deploy, and maintain.

Software interface examples displayed on a monitor between two printers.
  • Fast, one-click burning from any web browser
  • Embedded viewer for patients and physicians to view studies and reports anywhere
  • Capability to burn DICOM studies and reports to CDs/DVDs or USB flash drives to create a complete and portable medical record
  • Additional features to scan documents, create electronic forms and import multimedia files.

Included Hardware

Media Writer D200
DICOM CD/DVD burner/printer with Epson® Discproducer™ PP-100

Media Writer D100
DICOM CD/DVD burner/printer with Epson® Discproducer™ PP-50


Gear View QC provides document and multimedia connectivity

Gear View QC is a simple and powerful quality control tool that solves day-to-day issues and makes workflow easier for PACS and EHR administrators and technologists. With intuitive functionality for viewing, importing, editing, printing, and sharing, Gear View QC lets you fix common demographic errors in any DICOM field, as well as visually edit studies to split/combine exams or add/remove images.

  • Receive studies via DICOM Q/R, WADO, DICOM CD/DVD import, directly from modalities, or via network transfers from outside facilities
  • Edit any field, visually split into multiple series, and remove burned-in patient information with mask tools
  • Send to PACS/EMP, burn DICOM CDs/DVDs with Media Writer, or export to local file
Intuitive QC tool for viewing, importing, editing, burning and sending DICOM studies to PACS/EHR.

Film Digitizing

PACS Scan Film scans and imports film and video to PACS/EHR

PACS Scan Film lets you capture and send still images and video clips to PACS/EHR from non-DICOM scopes, cameras, and other video devices. No prior knowledge of PACS is required. The simple user interface allows anyone to scan documents and digitize film, and support for the DICOM Digital Mammography standard is included. Prior films and mammograms can be viewed in PACS, along with CR and DR images at the point of diagnosis.

  • Easy to use software - no training required
  • Auto-segmentation Technology (AST) for "jitter-free" image stacks
  • Ability to send to PACS/EHR, DICOM, printer, or multiple destinations
  • Optimization for the VIDAR DiagnosticPRO® Edge film digitizer
  • Additional features to scan documents, create electronic forms and import multimedia files

PACS Scan Film for Mammography

Lexmark Healthcare’s unique Dynamic Contrast Algorithm (DCA) enhances film-based mammography priors for easier comparison with digital images. PACS Scan Film for Mammography supports the VIDAR CAD PRO Advantage film digitizer. Built especially for digitizing mammography priors, the VIDAR CAD PRO has a robust, 50-sheet feeder tray and can digitize a four-film study in less than 120 seconds. 

  • Dynamic Contrast Algorithm for a digital look and feel
  • Mammography hanging protocols to improve reading times
  • Automatically matches scanned film spot size to FFDM spot size
  • View prior mammography exams alongside with current digital studies
  • Improves workflow by providing easy access to film-based mammography studies and documents
  • Lossless JPEG2000 image compression to decrease storage requirements and transmission times
  • Additional features to scan documents, create electronic forms and import multimedia files
See how you can scan, segment and send films from any department to any PACS/EHR.
See how you can view prior mammography film exams side-by-side with your current digital studies.

Worklist Solutions

Image Link facilitates IHE workflow

Image Link (formerly PACS Connect) is a proven workflow solution for hospitals and imaging centers. Built on open standards such as DICOM and HL7, Image Link enables IHE workflow for interoperability with your existing PACS. Simple and powerful software delivers data accurately and efficiently throughout your enterprise. Most importantly, PACS administrators can monitor and configure the application from any location on the network.

  • Simple user interface manages HL7 to DICOM MWL mappings
  • Quick, wizard-based installation and configuration
  • Validation against a wide variety of PACS and modalities
  • Order and worklist information for non-scheduled departments such as cardiology, gastroenterology, dermatology, orthopedics and pathology
  • Eliminates potential data entry errors by allowing technologists to select the appropriate study at each modality without manually re-entering patient demographics
  • Includes full DICOM and HL7 trace logs, worklist/patient queries, and lookup tables for easy data re-mapping