Open Image Exchange

A better way to share patient content

Traditionally, healthcare organizations have used the CD method to transport and share medical images. But the drawbacks associated with transporting a physical CD are numerous. Challenges with ease of use, accessibility and timeliness often inhibit organizations from providing optimal care.

Lexmark Healthcare's Open Image Exchange (OIE) solution can help. OIE provides a platform for sharing images seamlessly, through one user interface. It allows your organization to exchange patient content quickly to enhance care and reduce delays and errors.

OIE is revolutionizing how healthcare organizations use, access and share medical images. Here's how: 

  • The OIE dashboard enables multiple paths for sharing, including HIE-based national exchange and point-to-pioint sharing
  • Lexmark offers flexibility in its capability to share images and other content directly from your current systems with a common interface
  • OIE supports interoperability between Lexmark Healthcare solutions as well as other solutions willing to participate, making integration seamless and successful
  • OIE strengthens the security of patient content with the elimination of CDs
  • OIE is hosted in a secure, private cloud, providing easy deployment, faster time to value and lower costs to entry
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