PACS Redefined as an Enterprise Strategy

Break free from PACS control to support patient-centered care

Today’s healthcare landscape is changing at an unprecedented pace. High-quality care demands that medical images are available across the enterprise and continuum-of-care in near real time as part of a comprehensive patient-centered record. Eliminating data silos, departmental barriers and imaging roadblocks is mission critical. Quality scores and value-based reimbursements often hang in the balance as health delivery organizations (HDOs) seek technology to help meet these goals.

The problem with PACS: Siloed, costly, inflexible

PACS, the IT system traditionally charged with managing DICOM — and increasingly non-DICOM — images, is 20-year-old technology that fails to meet many of today’s imaging objectives. PACS keeps information siloed in departments, often in proprietary formats hampering inoperability. In addition, PACS vendors control data and therefore have the freedom to elevate prices and create roadblocks to change.  

But change is here. Lexmark Healthcare delivers a modern approach to enterprise-wide image management.

Demystifying the power of PACS

Forget the mystique of the all-powerful departmental PACS. In reality, the technology is relatively straightforward, comprising three simple, functional layers

Table of three layers that make up a PACS

Redefine your PACS with Lexmark Enterprise Imaging

Like PACS, enterprise image management isn’t mysterious and complex. In fact, it involves using the technologies you already know. The open, scalable technologies that underlie PACS have broad application throughout the healthcare enterprise. However, bundled together in a traditional PACS configuration, they have kept images tethered to vendors, radiology departments and restrictive user groups.

Lexmark Healthcare’s enterprise imaging strategy begins by unbundling these components into the broad layers of IT infrastructure capable of sharing PACS-related functionalities across the entire enterprise — breaking the ties that bind.

PACS Redefined as an Enterprise Strategy from Lexmark Healthcare is a powerful modular solution that helps every site meet these rapidly evolving imaging demands.

Storage management layer: Replace with Lexmark VNA

The solution’s foundation is the Lexmark Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), a single powerful, standards-based platform that consolidates imaging information throughout the enterprise. It facilitates seamless communications with the EHR and multiple IT systems as well as virtually unlimited image sharing to image-enable a patient-centric record. The VNA provides HDOs with true data ownership and the economies of central IT management.

Visualization layer: Replace with NilRead Enterprise Viewer

The Lexmark NilRead Interpretation viewer is FDA approved for diagnostic viewing on high-resolution displays and empowers image interpretation throughout the enterprise and beyond. Complementing this, NilRead Enterprise is the choice for cost-effective enterprise non-diagnostic viewing from an EHR or VNA. These universal, web-based zero-footprint viewers run inside all major browsers and support viewing of images in any format with no software download or compromise on performance. They are compatible with PCs, Macs and most mobile devices.

Workflow/worklist layer: Replace with partner solution

Enhance efficiency, productivity and help radiology departments run like clockwork with sophisticated workflow tools that aggregate information from multiple systems to create intelligent worklists and automate a wide range of imaging processes and procedures.

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Learn how to break free from PACS vendor control to support patient-centered care
Get more value from your patient information by creating an interoperable record that supports patient-centered care initiatives