Specialty Clinical Image Management

Eliminate clinical blind spots with centralized image management

The shift to value-based care and the subsequent increased focus on patient outcomes requires patient-centered information that crosses time and care settings. Unfortunately, despite large technology investments, clinical blind spots still exist.

Images from oncology, pathology, dermatology, ophthalmology and endoscopy are often stored in siloed departmental systems or worse on hard drives, CDs or USBs.  These important videos and images don’t have patient demographics associated with them and they are not linked to the EHR, meaning providers do not even know they exist.

These silos create serious gaps in the patient record, hurt clinician productivity and put the security and privacy of patient information at risk. As the volume and diversity of clinical data and the devices involved in capture proliferate, the problem will continue to grow.  

Capture, manage and view specialty content across the enterprise

Specialty Clinical Image Management (SCIM), from Lexmark Healthcare, brings together industry-leading technology for image capture, storage management and viewing into a cost effective and simple to implement solution. It offers the consistency and security of a centralized enterprise imaging platform without the large upfront investment.

With SCIM, specialty departments across the HDO can capture any image format, including video, into a centrally managed clinical archive and deliver it to clinicians through the enterprise viewer. SCIM reduces departmental information silos and the security and patient privacy risks that accompany them.

Key benefits of SCIM

  • Consistency across departments: Supports a reliable capture process for images and video no matter the department or file format
  • Centralized management:  Brings together images from across the ‘ologies in one secure clinical archive that includes support for backups, controlled access with auditing and is HIPAA compliant
  • Image enable the EHR: Supports integration of the enterprise viewer with your EHR to give clinicians a more comprehensive picture of the patient
  • Streamlined access: The enterprise viewer can be used for all diagnostic modalities leading to a reduction in the number of image viewers used across the enterprise

Key SCIM technology components

PACSGEAR Capture: Capture DICOM, XDS, visible light and native file formats. Supports capture of images and video with a mobile device at the point of care. The SCIM solution includes PACS Scan with XDS, PACS Scan Mobile, MDR Video and ScopeCap from the PACSGEAR connectivity family of products.

NilRead Enterprise Viewer: Zero footprint, multimodality viewer for image enabling your EHR.

Lexmark Clinical Archive: Single home for all clinical images. Provides flexible configuration options for workflow and ILM policies. Supports backups, controlled access with auditing and is HIPAA compliant. Provides a path to license the full Lexmark Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) allowing you to start small and expand over time.

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Give clinicians access to specialty department images and videos from within the Epic EHR.
Learn how to eliminate the clinical blind spots caused when specialty patient images are trapped in silos.