Lexmark Acuo Vendor Neutral Archive

Vendor neutral archive: An intelligent home for healthcare content

Healthcare organizations like yours recognize the value of clinical automation, but still seek to find better ways to manage the growing volume and variety of patient content that exists inside and outside core healthcare applications.

With the industry leading, vendor neutral archive (VNA) from Lexmark Healthcare, you can maximize the value of medical images, photos, videos and documents through effective data management and sharing that span the enterprise. With a VNA you can place vital information in the hands of your clinicians at the point of care. With more than 1,000 sites globally, Lexmark Acuo VNA provides standards-based access to patient information regardless of the viewing application. It allows real-time retrieval while maintaining compliance with privacy and security regulations, ultimately assuring independence from vendor-specific data formats. And with flexible deployment options including on-premise, cloud and hybrid, Lexmark Acuo VNA can boost your business continuity and disaster recovery strategies.


The VNA platform from Lexmark Healthcare is probably five years ahead of others in capability.

—Linda Bagley, CIO
Center for Diagnostic Imaging

Benefits of a VNA

  • Improved clinician workflow with image-enabled EHR
  • Consolidated clinical images in a single, vendor-agnostic archive
  • Integrated platform for image management
  • Enhanced interoperability and transparency across facilities
  • An intelligent platform supporting business goals and initiatives

Clinical Integration

Collaborative healthcare depends on the real-time delivery of multiple types of patient data. But when that data can’t be easily located or viewed, it can’t inform clinical decision-making or contribute to best-practice outcomes.

Traditional PACS systems are a beginning, but are proprietary, and only a partial solution in the journey toward full hospital system integration. VNA is a foundational component to realize your vision of hospital system integration and an image-enabled EMR. It ensures integration with the clinical applications that your medical staff requires to make more informed care decisions based on the complete picture of a patient’s condition.

Bring Lexmark Acuo VNA into your environment to create a comprehensive platform that captures and presents all relevant information to drive quality care to its fullest potential.

Data Migration

Most organizations find that adopting a VNA requires data migration services. Our VNA experts have successfully migrated content from and to almost every PACS on the market. Learn how we can help you streamline the process and make this migration your last, saving on future costs and resources.

Cross-enterprise Image Storage

Our VNA offers a medical image storage layer that lets healthcare organizations share information between PACS and other systems. It supports both federated and centralized access and storage models.

With this intelligent layer, Lexmark Acuo VNA promotes the consistent storage, viewing and management of all healthcare content and medical images, assuring that clinical staff enjoys real-time access to a more complete view of the patient.