Patient Scheduling

Scheduling patient visits is document and labor intensive. Incomplete patient records delay care and the revenue cycle. Relying on manual processes and paper-based communication inhibits information sharing with clinical staff. Calling physician offices to address missing documentation takes time.

To help you overcome these challenges, Perceptive Software from Lexmark offers a comprehensive solution for patient scheduling—built using our process and content management technology.

Efficiently and easily capture, organize and process the documents required to schedule visits for new and returning patients at inpatient and outpatient facilities. Manage physician orders, consent to treat and other documents in a secure electronic folder that’s automatically tied to the patient EHR. For new patients, simply associate the documents once you create a record in the EHR. Authorized staff can access the information they need with just a single click.

Based on parameters you define, our solution automatically identifies missing or incomplete documentation. Easily identify incomplete documents and send an automatically generated bar-coded fax to physician offices to encourage completion. They, in turn, can fax documents back for incorporation into the patient record. As a result, your hospital can:

  • Speed scheduling, registration, precertification and insurance verification
  • Improve patient satisfaction by reducing time spent at the admissions desk
  • Alleviate delays associated with missing or incomplete documentation
  • Ensure complete electronic patient records
  • Easily identify missing documentation
  • Enhance information sharing between scheduling clerks and physicians

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Meditech Patient Access webinar

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Learn the value of process and content management technology integrated with MEDITECH in Patient Access. 


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