Managed Print Services for K-12

Take control of the data deluge

Today’s elementary and secondary schools are overwhelmed by documents, forms and data. And the ever-increasing number of printers, copiers, mobile devices and more makes it even more difficult to control the flood of information – not to mention control costs and support green initiatives.

Lexmark Managed Print Services (MPS) for K-12 education bridges the gaps between your systems and output devices, connecting staff, students and administrators with the information they need, at the moment they need it.

With Lexmark MPS, you will:

  • Significantly reduce paper usage and energy costs in your school and across your district
  • Consolidate information in a single, secure repository, in sync with other classroom technologies and devices
  • Cost-effectively manage student records throughout their lifecycle to comply with your district’s retention policies

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Discover how Frederick County schools successfully converted decades of paper student records into secure, easy-to-access digital files.

Learn how Lexmark MPS can help your IT staff do more, even in the face of shrinking budgets.

Discover how Lexmark customers can save over 30% by leveraging an enterprise MPS strategy.