Process and Content Management

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

In a world of high academic expectations and declining school budgets, you need more help than ever to control the volume of paper, forms, documents and information that continually flow through your school.

Lexmark’s Perceptive Software technologies—including capture, document management and workflow solutions—work in tandem with Lexmark smart multifunction products to provide instant access to and easy management of a secure repository of student, staff, curriculum and special programs information.

With Lexmark solutions for K-12 education, you will:

  • Speed document and workflow processing, decisions and service
  • Improve communications to students, faculty and families
  • Easily process student and family information changes
  • Accelerate financial, HR and payroll processes
  • Secure and protect confidential information and comply with privacy mandates

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Anchorage School District

[PDF 482.23 KB]

Read how this district leveraged Lexmark solutions to accelerate the employee change process and reduce data entry errors.


NYC Dept. of Education

[PDF 192.92 KB]

Learn how New York City leverages Lexmark solutions to simplify the attendance process for its 1.1 million students.

Performance Matters

Lexmark and Performance Matters are strategic partners in developing solutions for improving instruction and learning in schools.
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